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Life, sometimes things go as they come

You get none now and later get all

You work hard to get something

Then you realize that its nothing

The anguish, pain and distress soothing

But the joy, laughter become an anguish

Work hard, think hard and don’t play

Jack will be a dull boy so say critics

Work for them who don’t care with a snare

Work for them who care without a snare

Become the pillar of success in your own way

Unique as we were made, ambition is our way

Beware my brothers and sister, beware!

For trouble knocks on everyone’s door

Big, small, whatever the size, beware!

Seize the opportunity knocking at your door

Be as suspicious as a wealthy man

For whatever today holds is hope

Hope for tomorrow to be brighter

So should you, be optimistic brother

For today is you and yours presentation

Presentation for tomorrow’s nation

Your life indeed isn’t a tunnel vision

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