10 ways on how to save money in Kenya in 2021

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1. Keep tracks on your spending

Every time you spend money on something just keep record of it. In this way you would be in a position to keep all your spending wisely. Also you can be able to differentiate on the amount of money to be used every month. This can be helpful to know which products may be a lot costly.

2.Use bank instead of m-pesa to pay bills

You can avoid M-pesa transaction cost by not paying bills via M-pesa but through bank. Especially Equity and KCB banks offer zero transaction costs to payments that can charge some cash or even sending money.

3.Take advantage of offers in supermarket

Supermarkets and malls offer discounts on their products from time to time. Be someone that enjoys checking whether there are offers on products and buy them on this way you can save a lot compared to undiscounted items.

4.Do bulk shopping

Bulk shopping saves soo much money. this is because after all the shopping it will hinder you from buying products frequently and unwanted ones.

5. Avoid buying products on credit

Always pay your expenses in full and if there’s debts pay them all. By doing so you can be able to maintain track on your daily expenditure.

6. Buy X-Uk products

X-uk products are not all at waste to buy them some are worth your penny. Instead of buying an expensive items you can find used ones and put for sale at lower prices and can serve you for much longer time too.

7.Save regularly

Always be in a habit of saving as little as you can. when you have some money and thinking of using it on something that is not worth it you can try to not spend it rather than save the money.

8. Give up expensive habits

Some things like clothing are so tempting, more expensive it is much prettier to be. But you can avoid those by just changing your location. Same things on uptown can be much less on downtown or just buy second hand cloths.

9. Control your impulses

Not everything you see you just want to buy it, some of them are not worth it. Self control is better way of saving money and if you really need the items you want to spend for them just think for like a day or two if its worth to buy them.

10. Try saving through transport  cost

Transport costs a lot of cash but if you can find a way to minimize the cost may be way much better. Instead of using a bus to drive to your work place you can try to use a train if its available. And also there are bus that cost much less than other you can shift your self to them.


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