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Begone, I beseech you begone

Can’t you see what you’ve done

Again I say to you to be gone

There’s nothing more to take

You’ve finished everything

How long will you steal


From us of the descendants of Shingo

Us who made every warrior scream

Our presence struck fear in hearts

Minds and bodies of our oppressors

Be gone and depart from this land

Away! Be off never to return


You’ve taken our wives and stock

You’ve made us prisoners in our land

Our ancestral land, you should be damned

My fellow villagers and I wish to die

As we pull carts deep down we cry

As you and your herdsmen tie us


And dye our hairs to look like bulls

As you laugh as us while roasting our bulls

Be gone, our land is ours alone

Even if you break us and no bone

Is left to fight you, our backbone

Will be used as weapons or even stone


We will fight until our last breath

Gone are the days of surrendering

Gone are the days of crying

Gone are the days of begging

So if you will not be gone by tomorrow

Then prepare for an epic battle



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