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Mid-morning, soak faces they wipe

Boasting of how the night was

With pride they cheer on each other

Their life now hanging on thin thread

Their children feel the wrath

Of what alcoholism does to them


I warn you! I warn you!

The village pastor is heard

Shouting and cursing the drunks

Ore he knows that his cries

Fall on deaf ears and blindness

I warn you! I warn you

Mockery, intimidation and prejudice

In his daily outcome

Cursed is a society that drinks

And forgets its morals

Warn you! Warn you! Hahaha

Laughs out the ring leader

Yet another bottle is jostled

Yet another esteemed member


Joins the drunken society

Singing choruses with horrifying tones

One would go mad in a day

In this God forsaken society

Cursed be all of you who drink

The village pastor continues to think

Of how to stop the menace without a blink

And the villagers drink without wink

Yet another story not worth of ink

Yet another story with a lot of link

Villagers grandmothers dance half naked

Village grandfathers watch naked

A society which already is baked

How strange this is or as pastor says

The society is a little more than wicked

Should the young ones run away

As the village story become bizarre

The village pastor starts to stare

And he finally shouts out loud

Be doomed! Be doomed! Be doomed!

And the villagers start a new song



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