Jackie Matubia aka Nana biography: age, career, husband, daughter

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Jackie Matubia Biography

Jacqueline Mwangi Matubia alias Nana, is a Kenyan actress, TV personality, Entrepreneur, content creator and a mom.

She was born in the year 1992 and grew up in the United Kingdom before coming back to Kenya.

She is currently playing the role of Nana in Zora citizen tv drama series. She is one of the main casts in the drama.


Career and Background

Nana has been on screens for a very long time. She played the role of Jolene in the famous Tahidi High drama series but she had to quit because she was pregnant and could not hide it any longer.

She later work on switch tv  a famous show known chatspot but she decided to quit and for not more but short time she landed a job at rembo tv.

While in rembo she landed her self a gig at citizen tv where she played a role of Nana in Zora citizen tv drama series.

Nana grew up with a single mother but she has a dad who is her uncle and living in United Kingdom.



Jackie was married to her online pilot boyfriend for four years before they broke up in march 2019. The couples have a daughter Zari. She is 6 years as of 2021.


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