Jimal’s first wife Amira files a divorce because of this

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Amira who is wife to Jimal Roho safi , wants to file a divorce.

In her instagram stories  she said “As from today kindly consider me single mum. @jimal_rohosafi get that divorce paper ready.

Am not going to allow you to disrespect me again!!” 

She continues “On the 4th of november i got the courage to stand up for myself.

It’s something that i shuold have done a long time ago but didn’t have the courage to

. But it reaches a point where enough is enough! Today is a breaking point for me,

and i hope this will also give you courage to leave whatever has been holding you back.

Working towards of becoming a better version of myself and caring for my kids.

And doing my business one step at a time.”

Amira said these words because Jimal her husband post on his timeline a video of Amber Ray.

And he wrote “Happy Birthday, have a great celebration today 🥂 @iam_amberay

Few months ago Jimal and Amber announced that they are no longer couples ,

and he was back to his wife and children.

Sometimes rumours has it right that they still see each other and the iphone Amber is using is from Jimal.

This is what Kenyans had to say to that post. Even Amber reacts to the post.

iam_amberay    …..do what you wanna,be who you wanna,forgive and let the karma 🎶🎶🎶 favourite lyrics 🥰 thank you Chairman.
terencecreative    Dunia ngashangaza

Mmesema Hii november chai itapoa kwa tumbo😂😂😂😂..

Was wondering iphone 13 imetoka wapi 😂kumbe ni wewe 😂😂😂

🔥wow..am in love with Jimal’s courage😂

😂😂Ukidhani wametulia BOOM!! EMBARAZZMENT 😮😂

Lakini Amira should have done this kitambo,,,, ama she waited to see how red the flags could get 🚩🚩🚩

nicki_bigfish    Hii November kabla tufike date 20 tutakua tumeona vitu mingi
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