Businesses to start in Kenya

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Booming Businesses to start in Kenya Budget (100,000)

A report by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics indicated that more than six million Kenyans
are jobless. Most of the young graduates are unemployed.
The only solution to the youth is starting businesses.
Here is a list of viable businesses one can start in Kenya with less than Ksh 100,000

1.Selling Second-Hand Clothes

One of the most viable businesses is selling second-hand clothes.
Second-hand clothes commonly known as “mitumba” are cheap and readly available
from Gikomba market and Think Twice Shops. The business is simple because it involves
buying clothes from the source at a cheaper price and later reselling at a higher price.
To make a good profit you need to selling first moving items, one can rely on
trends and weather changes e.g selling boots during rainy season.

2.Day Care Services

The rising cost of living has led to Kenyans embracing dual income families.
To survive with the prevailing economic conditions families need have both parents
going to work. This has led to a need for day care services. A rise in the number of cases of
house managers abusing children at home has also influenced the demand of day care services.
To start a day care you need a small space in residential places. A clean room and a few toys that
are used by the children creates a conducive environment that attracts potential customers.
The charges per day vary from Ksh 150 to Ksh 300 depending on where the day care is located.

3.Cyber Cafe Shop

To start a cyber cafe you just need good internet connection, a computer and a printer.
The need for cyber is due to online services like Filing Returns, Applying for a passport,
applying for Kra Pin, Photocopying, scanning and many more services.
There is a high demand for this services is high due to the government moving most of
their application services online

4.Car Wash

To start a cash wash you need a business permit, yard, a storage tank and a high pressure washer.

Statistics indicate that over 7,000 cars are bought every in Kenya.

Car Wash business can be combined with parking at night time and carpet cleaning.

The charges per car are from Ksh 200 and carpet cleaning at Ksh 400. The peak days are on weekends

when most car owners are free.



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