Businesses to start in Kenya 2020 with 10K

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Businesses to start in Kenya 2020 with 10K

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted a lot of things in the country and many people have been left jobless.

This has led to people searching for business ideas to try and make an extra coin.
Some of the ideas that one may venture in with less than Ksh 10,000 may include:-

Selling Eggs (Mayai Pasua)

To start selling eggs you need a medium sized bucket for carriage, a jiko, stove or gas cooker for boiling the eggs.

Other requirements are a salt shaker and small tin to carry kachumbari.

The next step will involve identifying a wholesale shop to buy the eggs at a low price.

Preparation will involve boiling the eggs and putting them in a bucket while wrapping them

with a nylon paper to ensure they are warm while walking around.

One also need to buy tomatoes, onions and pepper for preparing kachumbari.

With all this ready you just need a spoon for breaking the egg shell,

serving kachumbari and small khaki papers that are used to hold they egg by the customer.

The fastest way to sell the eggs is by hawking around the busy estates.


Selling Coffee

To start this business you will need to buy a tea dispenser, coffee, sugar, spices like masala or tangawizi

and disposable cups. Once you have this the next thing will be to prepare the coffee using a big kettle or sufuria

by boiling the sugar and coffee. After this add it to the dispenser while hot and close it.

The best time to hawk the coffee is early in the morning around 6 am or around the evening from 4pm .

Each cup of coffee goes for 10 bob and the dispenser can carry upto 50 cups.


Selling Fruits Around the Estate

To start selling fruits around the you need to buy two medium sized buckets for carriage.

This will involve buying fruits like pineapple and water melons.

After purchasing the fruits from the market next step will be to prepare them by peeling (for pineapple)

and cutting them into smaller pieces for resell. The pieces can be of different sizes

with one going for 10bob and the other for 20bob. Hawk around the estate and you can be sure that

people will buy and some may even request your to be delivering to them on daily basis.

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