How the Corona Pandemic affected Businesses in Kenya

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How the Corona Pandemic affected Businesses in Kenya

The Corona Pandemic disrupted the economy and the effects were felt more on some business than on others.

Some of the businesses were even forced to shut down and wait until proper guidelines were set by the Ministry of Health on how they will operate.

Transport sector

The transport sector was one of the areas that really slowed down as the strict measures had to be observed.

When the curfew was imposed it meant that operating hours were reduced, which was the case in April.

When the government imposed lockdown in Nairobi Metropolitan area the sector took a

hit as no movement was allowed in or out of Nairobi unless one had a permit which was only

issued to people who provide essentials. The rules on social distancing also meant reduced capacity by those were lucky to be operating.


The Tourism industry was also affected and most of the tours and travel agencies shut down offices.

This is because the WHO recommended people to stay at home and thus reduced movement.

Also with the lockdown in place during the month of April, May and June meant that they could not operate.

Air travel was put on hold and thus no tourists incoming from other countries.



The tourism industry work hand in hand with the hotels across the country and with the tourism

sector shutting down it also meant that the hotels would follow the same.

Restaurants & Clubs

The government issued a strict measure that all clubs and bars should be closed while

restaurants were only allowed to reopen when new guidelines were set by the Ministry of Health.

Restaurants were expected to comply with social distancing rules, all their workers were expected to take a covid test

before resuming to work. Social distancing meant a change in sitting arrangements to observe the 1.5 metre rule.

This meant few sitting spaces for customers, some restaurant were forced to laydown their staff to lower their operating cost.

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