How to pay NHIF via M-pesa

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Using NHIF services has been of great help to many citizens in my country

in both gender and age, employed and non employed.

For the employed citizens they are always paid in by the company  while for non-employed,

they always go through a certain process to pay.

The easier way of paying is by using your phone and pay via M-pesa.


These are the 6 steps followed when paying for NHIF:


  1. Go to your phone and chose Safaricom app or sim toolkit
  2. Click M-pesa services
  3. Choose Lipa na M-pesa option and select Pay bill
  4. Key in 200222 as Pay bill No. and (owners NHIF card) to input their national ID as Account No. and press OK.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to pay (500 is the least) and press OK again.
  6. And lastly enter your pin.


NB: NHIF card is recharged monthly to avoid extra charges and every citizen have their specified amount to be paid depending with place of employment.

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