Karen Nyamu calls Samidoh a hypocrite

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After a long apology from Samidoh in his Instagram post, Ms. Karen Nyamu decide not to leave the married man alone.

Rather than post on her Insta stories, whats’up screenshots calling him a Hypocrite. She went ahead to say that he is running away form the truth online but goes into her whats’up texting her.

Ms. Nyamu goes far of trolls again as she asks Samidoh not to ran from reality or he could romantically hold his wife as he holds her….

Okay let me not sugar cot her words but Karen actually said this:

“Running away from reality mpaka lini. Lakini si ata unge shika your lovely wife bibi vile wewe hunishika? Wanaume wewe

It was easier to declare whole truth not half because utakuwa slave wa ma apologies. You have done nothing wrong babe”















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