Lynn Ngugi wins Best Digital Content creator-Women in Film Awards 2022

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Lynn Ngugi is a content creator and an award winning journalist.

She is well known for making, interviewing and producing  contents that help and protect human interest as well as inspire them.

In all her social accounts she has a large number of following for those who love her work and for those who wish to be interviewed.










Lynn is the type of journalist that use her YouTube channel which is over 350k subscribers, only to advocate the best interest  to what she wishes for people.

“I strongly believe my role in this life is to bring people stories that have the potential to change lives. The most satisfying thing about my job is getting to work with the most dedicated team and knowing there are millions of Kenyans watching and supporting our work,” she said.

Lynn was born in a family of four both ladies, and raised by a single mum.

They were not rich, the mum go and sell shoes  so that they can go to school and get something to eat.

Before having her own YouTube channel Lynn was working as a talkshow host at Tuko and she gave the show the name Tuko Talks. She worked for two years before deciding to quit.

These are the awards she has won because of what she is doing;

•BBC 100 Influential women in Africa 2021
•Humanitarian Award Recipient CNA 2020
•I Change Nations Comm AMB 2021

And today she has won again as the Best Digital Content Creator WIFA 2022.

Indeed she deserves them and many more, because what she is doing is life changing for many not only in Kenya but even above, what it was made impossible to many she has broken that boundary for many.

You can go to her YouTube channel and hear out more of her interviews.

Lynn Ngugi Daughter

Lynn was in a very promising relationship that lasted for 5 years. She was even engaged it did not work out hence went on separate ways, but she has a daughter from the relationship.










Recently she said that she is seeing someone and he is supportive of her job.

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