Marketable Skills to Learn from home

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Marketable Skills to Learn from home

Some people were left jobless after organizations closed and others were required to work from home.

Most people are now considering news skills they can acquire during this period and also be marketable in future.

There are several marketable skills one can learn from home and later use them to earn a decent living.

To learn these skills one only need a laptop and be willing to go hard .

Video Editing and Production

Video Editing involves taking raw footage and adding all the required aspects before realising the final edits.

There are couple of different softwares used for video editing like Adobe Premeire Pro, Sony Vegas, Final Cut and Filmora.

To learn this softwares you just need to install them on your laptop and watch tutorials which are readily available on YouTube.

Once you learn the basics, the rest will involve practicing with videos on daily basis.

Skills acquired can be used to edit movies, vlogs and music videos.

Once one have mastered the skills in video editing you can to site like upwork and freenlancer.com and start earning.

Social Media Management

Brands have moved online to try and acquire more clients through different platforms like

Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

This have created a chance for people to work as social media manager.

Social media management involves creating and posting content across all online platforms,

responding to customers questions and monitoring online trends of products related to your organization.

To learn this skill one need to start by building a strong profile with own account or volunteer to

assist a specific brand to gain experience and later approach brands.

If one have mastered how to grow audience on social media you can be sure that brands will come knocking.

The best thing about social media management is that one can work with different brands simultaneously thus earn a good living from this.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design involves creating artworks using different software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw just to mention a few.

One need to learn how to use a specific software and then excute client work.

Tutorials for this softwares are available on YouTube from scratch to pro levels.

Skills in this softwares can earn you an extra coin by creating logos, posters, bronchures, business cards and editing photos.

Once you acquire the skills you can choose to work from home online on websites like Fiverr and Upwork or

get a job as inhouse graphic design in an organization.


Data Entry

Data have proved to be among one of the biggest assets organization need to make decision.

This have led to a need of well sought and analyzed data by companies around the globe.

They need their data to be updated around the clock to keep up with the fast moving world.

There are plenty of softwares used for data entry and analysis like Fluix, Ninox, Excel and many more.

Data entry involves taking the provided details by organizations and feeding the

data to different softwares and later submitting it.

Data provided can vary from organizations but the guidelines are also provided so here is no need to worry when you get an assignment

Captioning and Transcribing

Captioning involves listening and adding text to videos while transcribing involves listening to speech and typing into text.

Digital platforms have created a need for written content for all the content that is being uploaded.

To learn captioning you need to download all the guidelines required for writing captions on videos

and practice before joining Rev where you can claim jobs online throughout the day.

Transcribing jobs are available on sites like transcribeme.com and gotranscriptme.

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to caption and transcribe that one can watch and practice.

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