Mulamwa’s Ex girlfriend Sonnie introduces her new boyfriend

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Since their breakup Mulamwa and his ex baby mama Carol Sonnie have been on each others throats and there’s an ongoing beef between the two parents on social media.

Just after they broke up Mulamwa started dating again while Sonnie she’s taking care of there daughter Keila.

Yesterday a Kenyan musician Madini Classic went to his insta page and he post a photo of him and Sonnie holding each other tight and romantically he captioned “Call me Mr. Polygamous. Wife number 2.

Netizens reacted differently to this post  but Madini’s  wife was much more heartbroken.

Unakula mabaki y mluhya bro😂😂😂😂 hapo hakuna kitu
Clout kama kawaida ni vixen kwa Ngoma mpya😂😂😂
😍😍😍😍Kesho mtaskia mulamwa kikiongea radio jambo 😂
Saa si Mulamwah aendee uyo ex wa madini… Tit for Tat1
Madini’s wife Kajuju Mwende is heartbroken after her husband left her for Mulamwa’s ex girlfriend Carol Sonnie. She had a chat with famous gossip news blog  and this is what she said,
Hi Nairobi gossip never thought itafika hii point but am tired,
Madini is such a cheat right now amekuwa live IG just talking about Sonnie yet me ni wife yake niko bedroom nasikiza kila kitu.
All along Madini has been telling me they ain’t dating because i have been suspecting them for some time n0w, he left home and went to Nairobi to meet her.
They are dating and it’s not kiki or any video shoot.
Mulamwa reacted to Sonnie and Madini’s picture by post a video of him and his girlfriend Ruth walking and then hugging her tight. People also reacted to this like;
Sasa n officially ashapata wake😂😂 #classic
Umeona mali safi ya Sonnie kweli?😂😂
Mapenzi tight kama kifuniko ya gas😁😁😍
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Huyu sasa ndiyo shemeji yangu😍🙌🙌🙌👏👏
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