Omosh is back begging for help again

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Its past four months when former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh,

was on camera crying to Kenyans and begging then for help.

He had a debt on rent and all over people around him.

A lot of his friends and Kenyans in particular were not happy with the video that was going viral,

so the decide to come together and help him as soon as possible.










In his defense for running out of finance he said it’s because he’s a drunker and he promised to stop drinking.

His rent was paid in full, Guardian Angle opened a youtube channel for him which has over five hundred thousand views and thirty thousand subscribers,

he was bought a land, he’s being build a house and it’s in completion

and he was given money to sort his bills more than a million.

But Omosh had left people wondering where did all the money went after an interview with tv47,

he is claiming for receiving more than a million as people said.

The money that he was issued more than a million said he never got it, what he had was three hundred thousand only.

And he has no more left hence asking for Kenyans again to buy him camera microphone and lights so that he can start his acting career.

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