Omosh is back in acting

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Omosh kizangila back in acting after along silence


Former tahidi high actor and entertainer, Omosh Kizangila who was off social media for a while is back again in acting industry.







This is because of a video that went viral of him shedding tears and in deep depression.

In the video Omosh was in pain claims that for a year now he hasn’t sorted any of his bills,

or even has nothing to feed or give his family.










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This strike heads of many Kenyans and friends to Omosh, which made them  come together  and help him.

He was given food, all his bills were taken care of

and now they well wishes are building him a house, his own house,

he can’t keep on paying rent, Jalang’o promised him 1million Kenyan shillings.









Keep in mind that the actor has five kids and is married with two wives.

Omosh knows himself as an actor and the best at it, and for the limelight with the help of

video Directors  Andrew Ogonji and Austin Ochocinco

they are working on a big film that will be airing soon.



Here is the video’s trailer from Omosh you tube channel:


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