Trio Mio Biography

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Trio Mio Real name and age

Tj Mario also Known as Trio Mio was born on 2004, Embakasi Nairobi. he is 17 years as at 2021.

By his age he marks the young talented high school kid who ventured into music industry and got a crowd following on his songs and his you tube channel.












On 2020 during corona pandemic a lot happened to students.

Some were in the Boda boda business while Trio decided to take chance and grow his music talent

The young prince of rap who emerged in the streets of Nairobi city, gain following despite of his young age.


Trio Mio Career
















On 2020 Trio Mio went viral with his song Cheza kama wewe which was remix featuring the likes of big artists, whom he looked up to. Who were, Mejja, Exray, Nellythegoon, the song gained more than 4 million views past 3 months on his you tube channel. This caught the young talented teen star on shock because he didn’t expect that to happen.

He started his music career since in class seven but he wasn’t recording. “Usanii iko kwa damu since the time of my father. he is a musician and had his own band long ago in Kenya but for now its in Tanzania”, Trio said.

Much more support he has from both his parents, and family at large and that’s keep him going. His brother is doing  trap music while Trio is doing rap music.


















Trio has other siblings, Nicole and Bigting Ap “Tyler”.

Cheza kama wewe song was an inspiration  and love from his fans that made him record that song and the video was his sisters birthday bash.

These are the songs Trio Mio has recorded and released since 2020:


CHeza kama wewe

Niko busy ft Renata

Cheza kama wewe Remix ft Mejja, Exray, Nellythegoon

Chonjo ft Young Lunya

Serereka ft Shari Africa

Kanairo ft Bigting Ap, Aj Barracuda

Watch the remix song that gained him more following on his You tube channel @Trio Mio Official


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