Vera Sidika: My baby sleeps on a bed worth KSH 300,000 from UK

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The mother of one and a famous socialite gave birth to a baby girl on October 20th 2021. She is engaged to musician Brown Mauzo and the father of her baby.

During all time of her pregnancy Vera used to import all essentials that she needed for her unborn baby. Be it cloths, soap oil and even dippers.

Today on her Instagram stories she reveals that even the  bed Asia Brown she sleeps on is also imported from the United Kingdom(UK). This is what she has written;

Can’t wait to unveil Asia’s nursery. At six months so magical. Damn.

Girl be sleeping on a bed worth Ksh. 300,000 from UK

How i wish I had this life as a newborn. Kweli it’s true we work had to give our kids what we never had.

Aki God bless all mothers doing the best for their babies.

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