Why Kenyans are moving out of Nairobi

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Why Kenyans are moving out of Nairobi

In recent times, Kenyans have started moving of the city and settling in others towns and some in upcountry.

There are several reasons to why many have been making this move

1. Ease of Accessibility

Devolution has led to improved infrastructure across the counties in Kenya.

This has really opened up most counties near Nairobi to Kenyans, which has enabled those in counties like
Machakos, Kiambu, Kajiado, Nakuru and even Narok to access Nairobi CBD within one hour.


2. Internet

Since the 2000’s when the internet started spreading in Kenya things have really changed.

Internet Service Providers are now making sure that not only those in towns

can access cheap internet but also those outside the major towns.

This means someone can access internet at same charges as in

most places as long as they are connected to the service providers.

The internet has also created a chance to work from everywhere in the country.

3. Housing

The real estate industry have grown overtime and many investors

have been building nice apartments and estates. One can now get

a decent apartment in places like Kitengela, Kiserian, Ndederu and Rongai.

The rent prices in Nairobi are relatively high compared to those in other areas

thus some people prefer to settle outside Nairobi.

One can get a good spacious apartment at a way cheaper price

and the fare to the area might be the same to that of someone living in Nairobi.

Other Reasons include:

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